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Waitrose has come under fire from customers after they pointed out a major flaw with one of the seasonal products available to buy in the supermarket

Summer is officially over and autumn is finally here, bring on the pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween and cosy sweater weather.

To truly get into the autumnal spirit, you might also want to decorate your home for the season and Waitrose has just the thing to get you started – although some shoppers aren’t best pleased about it.

The supermarket has come under fire from customers who spotted they were selling bunches of ‘autumn seasonal foliage’ alongside bouquets of flowers.

The foliage is essentially a packet of green and brown leaves which will set you back £6.

Appalled shoppers were quick to point out one major flaw with the item – that you could quite easily go outside and pick up leaves off of the ground for free.

The product description reads: “Bring the outdoors indoors and brighten up your home with freshly picked flowers that reflect the colours of the season.”

It adds that the leaves are only good for five days.

Taking to Twitter, a customer named Sharon Hanley, shared a snap of the foliage and wrote: “Hello @Waitrose I applaud you for trying to sell customers a bunch of leaves for £6. You are having an Autumnal laugh.”

She later added that all joking aside, it did look like “top quality foliage”.

Her tweet garnered plenty of attention, with hundreds of people liking it and sharing their thoughts.

One person replied: “A bag of actual leaves? I’ll sell you a bin bag of leaves for 10p.”

A second said: “This has got to be from the drunk Monday morning meeting category of ideas.”

A third commented: “Turns out money really does grow on trees.”

Speaking about the product, a Waitrose spokesperson told The Sun: “We’ve seen a really strong demand for autumn foliage – our customers love using these to mix in with their seasonal flowers to brighten their homes.”