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From top to bottom, rugby union is now staring into the abyss

There is nothing quite like a pandemic for exposing hard, uncomfortable truths. And, give or take stand-up comedians, nightclub owners and first year university students, few face a bleaker midwinter

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Researchers discover new pathway in TDP-43 related dementias

Recent work published by researchers at the University of Kentucky’s Sanders-Brown Center on Aging (SBCoA) highlights what the lead investigator calls the ‘cornerstone’ of her lab. Maj-Linda Selenica, assistant professor

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Expected bank merger wave puts Deutsche Bank on stand-by

FRANKFURT/ZURICH – Deutsche Bank is preparing for a wave of mergers, its finance chief said on Tuesday, in a potential change for Germany’s biggest lender, which has been focused firmly

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Croydon police officer shot dead inside station before suspect turns gun on themselves

A “long-serving” custody sergeant died after being shot by a suspect inside a police station. The victim died in hospital after the gunman, who was being detained, opened fire at

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